Areas of expertise

Monitoring and evaluation tools

These important elements of any programme are often poorly done; sometimes rushed and undervalued, sometimes over-complicated and diverting resources from project activities. I advocate for ‘good enough’ methods that make intuitive sense to those involved, and generate data that is easy to use to improve the effectiveness of interventions.

Children living with HIV

As manager of the Stepping Stones with Children project I’ve learned a lot about the powerful effects that training and support on a broad range of issues can have for children, their caregivers and service providers.

Sexual and reproductive health rights

Addressing this important issue is a theme that runs though almost all of my work, including documents relating to advocacy, funding proposals, and devising training methods for service providers or community members.

Participatory evaluation

I believe that evaluations work best when staff and beneficiaries are supported to assess, reflect on and improve their efforts. Working in this way also helps me to understand the complexity of the project, enabling me to contribute more relevant observations and ideas to the process.  However, if there is insufficient budget to involve staff and beneficiaries in this way I can also perform a more traditional evaluation, using my outsider’s perspective to assess project processes and outcomes.

External mainstreaming of HIV

How should organisations that don’t do medical work or health promotion respond to HIV? I’m interested in how we can achieve a more comprehensive response to HIV through development organisations modifying their existing work. This involves a different way of thinking about HIV and development work. With support to understand the links, organisations can discover how they can best make their contribution to addressing HIV.

Internal mainstreaming of HIV

What can development organisations do to protect their ability to work effectively in a time of AIDS?  In theory managing HIV in the workplaces is not difficult, but getting managers motivated, tackling stigma and sustaining efforts are all challenging issues.