Refugee Matters: Preparing for Life and Living in the UK

Refugee Matters reportA mid-term evaluation for Global Link Development Education Centre

I undertook this evaluation to assess Global Link‘s mid-term performance in a 5 year project providing support services to asylum seekers and refugees in Lancaster.  For quantitative analysis I used a survey of asylum seekers and refugees, and also a survey of key stakeholders.  For a qualitative perspective I relied on observation, workshop discussions, and interviews with individuals.

The research was a collaborative effort with Global Link’s staff and volunteers: Hisham Attir, Bashar Bakhou, Eleanor Denvir, Sofia Ghebrekristos, Ali Edalati, Sophie Fosker, Victoria Frausin, Ziaur Khan, Sara Nobili, Bayan Faiq, Fatjona Piska, Gisela Renolds, Abinet Tadesse, Wael Tarah and Dorothea Williamson; Latifa Alkhanjary and Flo Horton also assisted.

You can download the report here.