Refugee Matters: Preparing for Life and Living in the UK

Cover of my Refugee Matters evaluation report

Refugee Matters reportA mid-term evaluation for Global Link Development Education Centre

I undertook this evaluation to assess Global Link‘s mid-term performance in a 5 year project providing support services to asylum seekers and refugees in Lancaster.  For quantitative analysis I used a survey of asylum seekers and refugees, and also a survey of key stakeholders.  For a qualitative perspective I relied on observation, workshop discussions, and interviews with individuals.

The research was a collaborative effort with Global Link’s staff and volunteers: Hisham Attir, Bashar Bakhou, Eleanor Denvir, Sofia Ghebrekristos, Ali Edalati, Sophie Fosker, Victoria Frausin, Ziaur Khan, Sara Nobili, Bayan Faiq, Fatjona, Gisela Renolds, Abinet Tadesse, Wael Tarah and Dorothea Williamson; Latifa Alkhanjary and Flo Horton also assisted.

You can download the report here.